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Whether you are reading up on low iron for the first time, or just need a quick refresher on the basics, click here for great topline answers to your leading iron questions #backtobasics #iron Want more info on signs and symptoms? Click here:

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Symptoms or Winter Blahs?

Iron is an essential nutrient; your body needs iron to help carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of your body and helps produce energy. When you aren’t consuming or absorbing enough iron, there can be significant consequences to your health, energy levels, appearance, ability to concentrate, and so forth. There are a few […]

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Could it be iron deficiency?

Many of the symptoms related to iron deficiency can be attributed to other causes in today’s often busy lifestyle. You may not even realize that you or a loved one could be iron deficient. Here’s a quick snapshot and a link to a symptoms checker for adults. Be sure to share with your friends! Content […]

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Iron Deficiency: From Symptoms to Supplements

You know those days where fatigue just gets the better of you and you spend your day feeling sluggish and unable to concentrate? If you were up late the night before or have had an especially hard and stressful week, then having a day like this may feel pretty normal. But, if you can’t pinpoint […]

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Is Your Child Overly Tired and Sleeping A Lot? It Might Be Iron Deficiency…

As a parent, you can’t help but be tickled pink when your child is a good sleeper. Getting enough sleep is important for them (and you!), but if your child seems to be sleeping an awful lot, then there might be a problem. There’s a difference between sleeping through the night and having chronic fatigue, […]

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Experiencing Chronic Fatigue? It May Be Iron Deficiency

Many of us may live a busier life than we would care to. We’re always on the go and trying to juggle a dozen things at once. So, feeling tired is normal then, right? Well, feeling tired after a long and busy day is typical, but feeling that you are constantly in a state of […]

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Is it Just Valentine’s Day or is Heart Palpitation Sending Your Heart Aflutter?

I imagine with Valentine’s Day upon us and romance in the air – not to mention all the chocolate – many hearts are probably beating faster. If, however, you feel your heart aflutter when it shouldn’t be, then you might be experiencing heart palpitations… read on for the heart-pounding details!

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What is Happening to My Nails?

Your nails say a lot about your health and doctors have actually looked to patients’ nails for clues about their health for centuries. It may seem like a strange connection, but changes in the visual appearance of your nails can be a sign of iron deficiency. The reason for this is that iron helps to […]

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Are You Always Cold?

Baby, it’s cold outside, but if you find yourself feeling cold even when it’s anything but, then this could be a sign of iron deficiency.

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Unusual Cravings to Consume Ice, Dirt or Clay Could Point to Iron Deficiency Anemia

We all remember that one kid growing up who would gross out the class by eating something that was never meant to be eaten, like dirt or sand at recess. You probably chalked it up to the kid being “weird” or “gross” and likely figured they were just doing it for attention, right? Well, what […]

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My Work With Dr. Marla Shapiro!

Earlier this year I had the privilege of working on a project for Canadian Health & Family, hosted by Dr. Marla Shapiro, for a segment called Understanding and Treating Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anemia – maybe you’ve seen this segment which originally aired on CTV, or you’ve seen it playing in waiting rooms across […]

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Think You Might Be Iron Deficient? Check Your Symptoms!

While I have previously discussed the signs and symptoms of iron deficiency, I would like to introduce you to the Iron Deficiency/Iron Deficiency Anemia Symptoms Checker!

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Iron Deficiency

There is so much more to iron deficiency than just not getting enough iron! I’ve rounded up the top 10 things my patients are surprised to learn about iron deficiency. Knowing these things can help you make better choices. Here we go… 

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3 Symptoms that Point to Iron Deficiency

With the hectic lives that many of us lead, it’s not surprising that the signs of iron deficiency often get brushed off or even go entirely unnoticed, often until the iron stores have been depleted to the point of a person becoming anemic.

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