Think You Might Be Iron Deficient? Check Your Symptoms!

While I have previously discussed the signs and symptoms of iron deficiency, I would like to introduce you to the Iron Deficiency/Iron Deficiency Anemia Symptoms Checker!

I have helped to create this Symptoms Checker, one for adults and one for children, in the hope that this tool will help identify your symptoms associated with iron deficiency and encourage a conversation with your healthcare provider for proper diagnosis.


Download Your Symptoms Checker:

Symptoms Checker for Adults

Symptoms Checker for Children

Adult Symptoms Checker Child Symptoms Checker


If you (or your child) identify with any of the specified risk groups and are experiencing three or more of the symptoms listed in the Symptoms Checker, it is highly recommended to speak with your doctor regarding the possibility of being iron deficient. Even if you fall into one or more of the at-risk groups but are not symptomatic (or vice versa), it is advisable to speak with your doctor. If iron deficiency is discovered early enough, a change of diet and/or the use of an oral iron supplement may be all that is needed to help you feel better faster.

Content and advice provided on The Iron Maiden is for information purposes only and should not serve as a substitute for a licensed health care provider, who is knowledgeable about an individual’s unique health care needs

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2 thoughts on “Think You Might Be Iron Deficient? Check Your Symptoms!

  1. Brett says:

    May I just say what a relief to find an individual who really knows what they
    are talking about on the web. Yoou deinitely know howw too bring a
    problem to light and make it important.

  2. Naajiya Blight says:

    My doctor said I’m slightly anemic….I will see the right doctor….I may need G I work up….My sister has sickle cell anemia but we have different fathers…

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