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Throughout the month of May we are honouring women – mothers in particular. Moms do A LOT for their families, and it’s important that they take time for themselves once in a while and ensure that their health is in check too! Iron deficiency can affect one’s entire family, but women and children are among the highest groups at-risk for developing this preventable condition.

So, I wanted to pull together handpicked articles for mom around iron deficiency and iron needs as well as some tips and information around iron and her children. Let’s get to it!


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A Women’s Need for Iron throughout Her Life

It is estimated that 20% of women of childbearing age are iron deficient and 50% of pregnant women develop iron deficiency. Each life stage can bring about different causes of the condition; I break down a woman’s need for iron from when she’s a baby through to the ‘golden years.’


10 Clever Ways to Add Iron to Your Child’s Diet

Picky eaters are always a challenge, especially when you’re trying to keep up (or improve) their daily iron intake. Well, I’ve put together a list of clever (and somewhat sneaky) ways to ensure that your child is getting the iron they need.


Esther’s Story: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Lead to Iron Deficiency

As Esther and her husband tried to conceive their first child, she was faced with heavy menstrual bleeding and other complications which led to iron deficiency and difficulty conceiving. Read her story of overcoming the obstacles of iron deficiency and getting back to her everyday life!


Iron Deficiency Can Affect Your Child’s Cognitive Function

Did you know that iron deficiency can have a lasting impact on your child’s life? Many studies have documented effects of iron deficiency on developmental delays in infants and young children including reduced intelligence and learning disabilities. Learn what you can do now!


Chronic Fatigue

Moms are busy bees – I don’t think anyone would beg to differ on this point. I think that if you ask any mom, whether they have a newborn or a teenager, they will say that they often feel tired. While this could just be due to a busy life, chronic fatigue is one of the telltale symptoms of iron deficiency.


Kelly’s Story: From the Challenges of Iron Deficiency to an IronMan Challenger

She completed an Iron Man Challenge, but she’s truly an iron woman! Read about Kelly’s story of overcoming the obstacles after Bariatric Surgery to become a marathon runner. A truly inspiring story!


As we celebrate all moms this month of May, make sure to give yours an extra hug for being awesome!


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