School is (almost) out for the summer

Iron Deficiency in ChildrenRing those bells. Next week is the last week of the school year!

Did you know that kids are a risk group for iron deficiency? As your kids count down the minutes until the final bell, here are some tips to ensure your child is meeting their iron needs this summer:

  • Got a picky eater? Try some of these clever ways to get iron in your child’s diet.
  • Not sure about what foods are high in iron? Check out this article on the amount of iron in these popular foods.

Think your child might be iron deficient? Use our symptom checker to take with you to your doctor’s appointment.








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Iron Articles Just for Mom

Throughout the month of May we are honouring women – mothers in particular. Moms do A LOT for their families, and it’s important that they take time for themselves once in a while and ensure that their health is in check too! Iron deficiency can affect one’s entire family, but women and children are among the highest groups at-risk for developing this preventable condition.

So, I wanted to pull together handpicked articles for mom around iron deficiency and iron needs as well as some tips and information around iron and her children. Let’s get to it!

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