What is Happening to My Nails?

Your nails say a lot about your health and doctors have actually looked to patients’ nails for clues about their health for centuries. It may seem like a strange connection, but changes in the visual appearance of your nails can be a sign of iron deficiency. The reason for this is that iron helps to [...]

How Much Iron is Actually Absorbed?

People often ask me how much iron they actually absorb from the food they eat. Well, the truth is that there is no clear cut answer because every body is different. I can, however, provide some helpful information and benchmarks based on the Dietary References Intakes.   What Affects Iron Absorption? When we eat food containing [...]

Are You Always Cold?

Baby, it’s cold outside, but if you find yourself feeling cold even when it’s anything but, then this could be a sign of iron deficiency. Your body needs iron to help carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of your body and to help produce energy. Think of your body as a coal furnace [...]

13 “Bloody” Facts

Happy Friday! In light of Patient Blood Management Awareness Week last week, I thought I’d share some interesting and enlightening facts about blood that you probably didn’t know! Please note that this article may not be for the faint of heart...   Did you know? The average man has 28,800,000,000,000 red blood cells and the [...]