Thanks Dad!

June 21st 2015 was Father’s Day. I truly miss mine.  If you are fortunate to still have your father in your life, please let him know how you feel. Not just on Father’s Day, but at every opportunity you have.  A father is not necessarily part of your procreation, but someone who has taken the time [...]

Could it be iron deficiency?

Many of the symptoms related to iron deficiency can be attributed to other causes in today’s often busy lifestyle. You may not even realize that you or a loved one could be iron deficient. Here’s a quick snapshot and a link to a symptoms checker for adults. Be sure to share with your friends! Content [...]

World Blood Donor Day

Sunday, June 14th is World Blood Donor Day as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). I’ve written in the past about my need for blood donation and the importance of post-donation iron supplementation for those who donate blood regularly. For those who donate blood, I am forever grateful for your help when I was [...]

Let’s Talk Kids…

Children are our future, and we want to give them the best possible shot to be all they can be. However, you’d be surprised to find out that a good number of our young people are actually iron deficient! Based on small recent studies, it’s estimated that almost 12-64% of them are iron deficient! Is [...]