Quinoa Mixed with Chickpeas and Spinach Recipe

Looking for a simple recipe to up your iron intake, but don’t want to sacrifice time or taste?  Pack this quick cook dish − quinoa mixed with chickpeas and spinach − in your lunch and have your coworkers salivating! Added bonus? Quinoa, a tiny but powerful super grain, has twice as much fiber as many [...]

Back to Basics

Whether you are reading up on low iron for the first time, or just need a quick refresher on the basics, click here for great topline answers to your leading iron questions #backtobasics #iron Want more info on signs and symptoms? Click here: http://theironmaiden.ca/signs-symptoms/

Gingerbread Smoothie

If you thought gingerbread was just a holiday classic, think again! This delicious treat can be enjoyed throughout the year to bring you a little extra iron whenever you need it most! Find the recipe here: http://bit.ly/1N7sC68 Want more tips and tricks? Click here: http://theironmaiden.ca/tips-tricks/